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Sign Up for our next 5-part NYMC Homebuyer Webinar

The perfect first step in the homeownership journey is to sign up for one of our very popular webinar homebuyer education programs (link to registration).  The five part webinar will cover such topics as how to prepare for homeownership, how to shop for a home, and how to obtain a mortgage. You will learn about budgeting, saving, establishing credit and the costs involved in owning a home.

Once you have completed the webinar training and the homebuyer preparation checklist, you will then meet with one of our non-profit housing counseling agencies, to follow up with one-on-one counseling, which involves as much as 12 hours of additional learning.

These sessions, conducted by NYMC’s experienced counselors, provide you with the opportunity to take a more in-depth look at your financial situation by reviewing your credit history, assessing affordability, and developing a comprehensive budget and savings plan.