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Diversifying the Appraisal Industry in NYC: NYMC Real Estate Appraiser Training Program   

The New York Mortgage Coalition has received funding from Enterprise Community Partners to launch a real estate appraiser training program to help diversify an industry that is overwhelmingly over age 50, white and non-racially/ethnically diverse.  We believe that diversifying the profession will help combat bias in appraisals—a major contributor to the racial wealth gap.   

Our goal is to see 25 men and women of color complete the 18 month-long program and become working real estate appraisers in Metro New York.    

Our program is comprised of three phases:   

Phase 1: Workforce Readiness Training (one evening weekly for seven weeks)  

Phase 2: Appraisal Training (150 hours) 

Phase 3: Working as an Appraisal Trainee (1500 hours)  

Interested in learning more about the program and the appraisal profession?  

The first cohort of the program is underway!  Sign up for our mailing list if you are interested in knowing when we are accepting applications for our next cohort!