Helpful Links for Homebuyers

Helpful links to resources on topics for homebuyers, homeowners, renters and more.


Maintenance and Energy Efficiency

  • Energy efficiency tips for homes and businesses.

  • EPA program for energy efficiency, leading to cost savings. Certified energy efficient products and home improvement resources.

Social and Legal Services

  • Free civil legal services fighting poverty and injustice.

  • New York City non-emergency government services.

  • New York State smoker's quitline.

Financial Literacy and Money Management

  • Financial literacy education, calculators worksheets, checklists, and quizzes from the US Financial Literacy and Education Commission

  • Nonprofit debt and consumer credit counseling organization

  • Current market and banking rates and news.

  • Guide to resources on understanding credit, credit ratings, debt management, and credit management for kids and teens.

  • Take the CreditSmart online training course to help you achieve your financial and homeownership goals.

  • Comprehensive guide for first time renters, particularly student renters, from

Emergency Response and Disaster Prevention

Fair Housing

  • The Federal Fair Housing Act covers a wide variety of types of housing discrimination that are deemed illegal. Learn more about housing rights and how to take action if you have experienced housing discrimination.

  • In addition to the federal Fair Housing Act, there are other housing rights protected under the New York State and New York City laws. Learn more about protected classes.