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Sign Up for our next 5-part NYMC Homebuyer Webinar

The New York Mortgage Coalition’s final Homebuyer Education webinar for 2021 will begin on November 10th.  Classes will be held virtually on Wednesday nights from 7 pm-8:30 pm (with the exception of Thanksgiving Week when the class will be held on Tuesday night instead.) Sign up via the link below and end 2021 on a high note by finding out how close you are to being able to purchase a home, and learning how to manage your money, understand credit, shop for a home and understand different mortgage products.  

Wed Nov 10                       Getting Ready to Buy                                    

Wed Nov 17                       Managing Your Money                                 

Tues Nov 23                       Understanding Credit                                   

Wed Dec 1                          Shopping for a Home                                    

Wed Dec 8                          Getting a Mortgage Loan                             

Join the hundreds of New Yorkers who have become homeowners as a result of attending the NYMC Homebuyer Education webinars!

Register here: