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Sign up for our next 5-part NYMC Homebuyer Education Webinar!

The New York Mortgage Coalition will host a series of Homebuyer Education Webinars throughout 2022. The webinars are a five-part class that will meet virtually on Wednesday nights, from 7pm to 8:30pm. Sign up via the link below and join us to find out how close you are to being able to purchase a home, and learn how to manage your money, understand credit, shop for a home and understand different mortgage products.  

Spring Session: April 27 - May 25

Register here:

April 27 - Getting Ready to Buy

May 4  -  Managing Your Money

May 11 -  Understanding Credit

May 18 -  Shopping for a Home

May 25 -  Getting a Mortgage Loan 


Summer Session: July 13 - August 10

Registration will be posted soon for the summer session.


These classes are the first step in the homebuyer certification process. Once you complete the classes and are ready to begin the process of purchasing a home, you will connect with an NYMC-affiliated, HUD-certified counselor at the agency you selected when you signed up for this training where you will begin the second step—one-on-one counseling.  After that step is completed you will receive your certificate.

Join the hundreds of New Yorkers who have become homeowners as a result of attending the NYMC Homebuyer Education webinars!

Register for the Spring session here: