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Our History

In 1993 a group of visionary bankers in New York decided to put aside competitive differences to work collaboratively in addressing community reinvestment.  What they created was a coalition of nonprofit housing counseling agencies working in concert with mission-driven lenders to help low- and moderate-income families become homeowners for the first time. Almost thirty years, and over 10,000 first-time home buyers later, the early vision of those farsighted partners remains fully realized through the ongoing work of the New York Mortgage Coalition, now one of the nation’s leading proponents of affordable homeownership.

The New York Mortgage Coalition is a HUD Intermediary whose HUD-certified agencies provide the vital housing counseling that helps home buyers fully understand and prepare for responsible homeownership. As a true coalition we are committed to collaboration, conversation, and creative solutions. 

The Mortgage Coalition’s new vision endeavors to ‘unify the field’ of affordable homeownership across New York state by helping lenders, funders, nonprofits, realtors, and policy makers work collaboratively to maximize equitable homeownership opportunities for the underserved.  We welcome any ideas regarding programmatic expansion and opportunities for collaboration as we continue to scale the impact and reach of our affordable homeownership program.